Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 2:05PM

Beta Xi Brothers/Alumni,

Over the past several years the Alumni Chapter has asked that "dues" be paid into the chapter by all alumni. By calling it a "due" then it implies that by contributing $ then something should be due to you. Now I know our alumni numbers are well into the hundreds if not close to batting a thousand and only about 50 alums join me on Alumni Day. I wish this alumni chapter could do more, host other events throughout the year for all of us to enjoy. We all know how it goes, money talks and you know the rest.

I'm not asking this year that a "due" be paid to the Alumni Chapter but merely a donation be made. Our dues in the past were $75, if you can please condider giving anything you want - $10, $100 and so forth. I want you to know that any donation goes to our Alumni bank account - nothing for the actives and we don't sponsor any parties for them (they have their own accounts for that). By building this up it sustains the alumni chapter so we can continue to have our annual event and perhaps add more events.

You can donate directly through this site via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account), you can send a check (my address is on this site).

Thank you to those brothers who have given throughout the past years. As always I am proud to be a KA (especially Beta Xi) and look forward to seeing my brothers throughout this year.


Jack Smith, President

OSU KA Alumni Chapter

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